Empowering Entrepreneurs

Empower your Entrepreneurs to leverage your ever-growing network, excel within your ecosystem, and become your biggest success stories

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Entrepreneurial Advising Writ Large

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Broader, bigger, better

Empower entrepreneurs to get past their current challenges, while enabling your ecosystem to identify and adapt to changing needs over time. On-demand startup advising unlocks a long tail of value unimaginable otherwise.

Every entrepreneurial conversation starts with a clearly stated goal, followed by a purposeful one-on-one conversation, concluding with a targeted survey. 

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Move fast, and fix things

Turazo employs state-of-the-art machine learning to surface the right person at the right moment for your entrepreneurs to break through their current challenges, while building value and loyalty for your ecosystem.

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Smart Advising

With direct calendar integration, and full control over participation times and amounts, even investors and C-level advisors can participate easily, at a level that suits them, and have a fabulous experience meeting entrepeneurs while positioning their startups for maximal success.

Some of the amazing organizations we work with

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Don't take our word for it

  • “Turazo powers one of the most valued components of our program. We integrated it with our existing systems easily and it scales globally. And the service is world class. 

    It’s practically hands-free, and driven by the conversations and relationships our mentees and mentors establish.”

    Ryan Mesches, Senior Product Manager, Microsoft for Startups
  • "The biggest challenge Turazo helps SWE solve is bringing our members together. Turazo is an invaluable resource to SWE as we continue to build a beautiful and diverse global network of women in engineering and technology fields."

    Abby Watson, Membership & Data Management, Society of Women Engineers
  • “We are thrilled about our partnership with Turazo because of the excitement it brings to our employees and the positive experiences of the potential candidates.” 

    Yetta Toliver, Global Head of Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging, Xerox
  • "Turazo allows employees to make and strengthen connections with leaders they may not see in person. We’re eager for anything that makes a path for other people to do great work.”

    Ashley Brown, Director of DEI, Under Armour

How magic is made...

  • Customer success

    • 100% hands-free operation for your team
    • Expert CSMs to guide your program
    • Custom goals and KPIs with real results
    • Quarterly business reviews for you and your leadership
    • 100% customer retention
  • It's all about you

    • Fully branded for your organization and goals
    • Fully customized messaging for your program
    • Fully customized KPI tracking for your goals
    • Fully private data you own
  • Integrations

    • Outlook & all major calendar providers
    • Teams, Zoom, phone and web for conversations
    • Single sign on via Office 365 & all major providers
    • Full REST API for data and custom integrations

Let's connect

Organizational impact starts with a purposeful conversation, and we would love to have one with you.